Childhood memories


I was born a year before the communist regime fell in Romania and I really don’t have any memories of that period but I have other happy memories that I wish my kids could make, memories of a worry free childhood even tho a whole country was recovering and trying to adapt to a new way of life.

I remember in the summer I was waking up early in the morning to get ready to go out and hang out with my friends around the block and I was feeling the more I would stay inside the apartment the less time I would have to play. We didn’t have IPads and IPods and IPhones and IEverything, what we had was a big imagination. We would play all day and not worry about a thing, we would go to the local bakery and buy a loaf of bread and we would share it. Sometimes if we would want something sweet we would wet the bread and add sugar on it. We¬†knew where the limits were when we were playing around the block and our parents would trust us.

One of the reasons I know how to make clothes and make my own clothes now it’s because i use to make them for my dolls that I got as a present from my uncle that was living in US, and oh how i treasured those dolls! My mom still has them in her apartment in Romania and they are in such a good condition. I would make clothes for my dolls and then trade them with my friends and we would rotate them between us so our dolls would have new stuff every week. That was serious trade!

I wish for kids nowadays to stop using technology as a way of entertainment and use their imagination and what nature has to offer more. I have nothing against technology and nothing against using it (my kid is using it too) but as parents we need to set limits and let our kids be wild and enjoy little things, they will thank us later.




discover, failure and what ifs

I’ve been playing with this thing and I still haven’t figure it out haha but not giving up. Motivation, yeah, I was thinking today that it’s easy at the beginning cuz it’s new and exciting and oh so many ideas, but all i hope is for me to actually continue this. So I’ll cross fingers for that and let me tell you about me.

I am scared of failing and that’s the primary reason why I didn’t start doing this sooner, why I kept saying I am not good enough of a writer to do it and also cuz english is actually my third language. I am scared of trying new things because I am afraid I will fail, that it won’t work that I will be criticized and that i will disappoint. Scared and afraid (sounds like a new Tv show) that’s what i was! But then i decided to not let those feelings take over me and just do it, do what i want to do and give my best because when you give your best anything you do, no matter the way it goes, it can’t be considered a failure. You will know that you tried and you gave all you had for it and no matter the outcome it’s actually a success! I don’t wanna sound like i am a pack filled with sunshine and rainbows and full of hope and happy thoughts cuz I am not, far from that, but I want to not let this life go by and not do what I wanted.

I always had high expectations of myself and wanted to do great things from the beginning. I wanted to excel at everything from the first try, start a blog and have a million viewers and readers from the first post. But then I read an article that my brother posted on his Skype, it was an article about how to start habits and the thing is it was not something new I was reading, I just needed it to remind me that I need to start small. With everything we do we need to start small, we need a starting point, we need the courage to start and not make big plans because that’s when the fear of failure kicks in. We need to think big but always remember to start small and grow, and want to grow.

I am still scared and still want to run and hide under the blankets and pretend the world doesn’t exists but everyday I tell myself i can do this. i know i can!




It took me a while to start doing this but I did it! They say the beginning are hard, that the hardest part of anything is actually starting it and let me tell you, that is absolutely true!!! I did it, i say this mostly to myself, I need to tell this to myself because i lost hope that I could actually do something like this. You know what took? a google search of “how to start your own blog”, a title of my blog that would actually make sense and actually deciding what i wanna write about. Here I am,rambling, but hey, rambling is good! We all ramble and why not record our rambling and maybe laugh at it later. I know when i was younger i would write all the time at the end of my notebooks and later i found them and I couldn’t believe it that it was actually me writing those things, it was like I was reading about a different person, I was thinking how can i not recognize that when i actually wrote it but that’s another ramble for another time.

What is a libelula? Its that amazing little bug you see in the picture. It’s the romanian word for a dragonfly. Wish dragonflies could ramble… that would be something i would like to hear, see haha!