It took me a while to start doing this but I did it! They say the beginning are hard, that the hardest part of anything is actually starting it and let me tell you, that is absolutely true!!! I did it, i say this mostly to myself, I need to tell this to myself because i lost hope that I could actually do something like this. You know what took? a google search of “how to start your own blog”, a title of my blog that would actually make sense and actually deciding what i wanna write about. Here I am,rambling, but hey, rambling is good! We all ramble and why not record our rambling and maybe laugh at it later. I know when i was younger i would write all the time at the end of my notebooks and later i found them and I couldn’t believe it that it was actually me writing those things, it was like I was reading about a different person, I was thinking how can i not recognize that when i actually wrote it but that’s another ramble for another time.

What is a libelula? Its that amazing little bug you see in the picture. It’s the romanian word for a dragonfly. Wish dragonflies could ramble… that would be something i would like to hear, see haha!




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